Hai :V! Fan of Transformers and Major Dinobots fan. Very big fan of Grimlock. In every universe. Mostly of TFA Grimlock and G1 Grimlock.
I also like Pacific Rim,Pokemon,HTTYD, and many other stuff.(feel free to ask what others). Also a multi-shipper, I even Luxury Cruise some. Big chance we share a ship, if not, you just might introduce me a new one and curse myself and I see the ship take the large.

Also own a Flight Rising/FR Account, I am Saturday on it and Have a FR tumblr blog:SaturdayFR.


And we are ready for PAX!



The REAL reason Ultra Magnus never gets any work done around the base.


KO giving a belly rub to a dinobot, requested by skie-dragon. This is ridiculous I have no excuse

This is my favorite now… Dinobots belly rubs!!!!! :D


do u ever just see ur favorite character cry and suddenly ur going through a midlife crisis

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I am not even that far in MTMTE and…

I am getting invaded by pictures of DJD and aLL OF THE LOST LIGHT BEING DEAD.

 Lord Smokescreen

Lord Smokescreen, the cutest of the lords

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—Anyone who has ever played Legend of Dragoon (via ask-dargor-the-shadowlord)


Lavitz by *djordjezutkovic


Lavitz by *djordjezutkovic

I am really sick right and to pass some time, I decided to watch a playthrough of Legend of Dragoon(and it my childhood rpg because I played it when I was a little kid. She still does v uv)

And where I am, Lavitz is introduced!