Hai :V! Fan of Transformers and Major Dinobots fan. Very big fan of Grimlock. In every universe. Mostly of TFA Grimlock and G1 Grimlock.
I also like Pacific Rim,Pokemon,HTTYD, and many other stuff.(feel free to ask what others). Also a multi-shipper, I even Luxury Cruise some. Big chance we share a ship, if not, you just might introduce me a new one and curse myself and I see the ship take the large.

Also own a Flight Rising/FR Account, I am Saturday on it and Have a FR tumblr blog:SaturdayFR.


"gee, that’s a nice set of legs―"
don’t sAY IT―”
what time do they open?”

it’s my dear girlfriend iacon-lamppost's birthday!!!!!! to celebrate you and your impeccable taste, i have here for you the Bad Porn Line Tailgate and Blushing Bara Cyclonus you never asked for. im so sorry. have a good one, buddy (._.)



CAPE MONTH DAY 31: Grimlock (FoC)

I spent 5/6 hours just experimenting with texture’s n’ shit and this is the result. I have no idea how I feel about it. But its Grimlock so I’m happy either way.

Besides the two bonus’ for the 31st and the 30th this is the finale for Cape Month. I’ve enjoyed making all of these lovely bots everyday and hopefully I will have another theme month/week again.


Cherno Alpha Team

Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky.

On their watch it stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.

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Why the fuck isn’t


buff Starscream a THING?


dragon dad


do you just ever see your fave character in a picture like



Because attempting to animate in the purgatory that is a midway between Sai and Photoshop is akin to sawing off your dick with a nail file, I got around to this last week.

The goal is to allow for viewing of wip animations being made in Sai without having to load the project into Photoshop, Flash, or whatever your external timeline of choice is.  Essentially, you export each frame as a .png into a folder and then just overwrite them in the same way when you want to update a frame.

On load it defaults to whatever directory it’s sitting in, but if you want to keep it somewhere else you can select the folder source post-load.

Images are loaded alphabetically, so all of these are valid:

  • a.png, b.png, c.png
  • 1.png, 2.png, 3.png
  • Frame1.png, Frame2.png, Frame3.png.

It runs off .png files because I don’t see why you’d use any other format in 2014.  If anyone desperately wants .jpeg support or something I can add a toggle though.

Image locations are loaded fresh upon each iteration and held within the program so you can add, update and remove frames without stopping it if you want to.  This means you can leave it open on a second monitor and have a looping preview without leaving Sai.

Shit runs on .net 4.5 since C# is cakewalk for stuff like this.


.CS/Source file



meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

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I doodled some dinobots.

Bonus Snarl: